The International Bilingual Office was founded in November, 2021 to facilitate the English education for our students in College of Fashion & Textiles. To help our young talents to thrive on international stages.

EMI Education

There are many reasons why EMI courses are becoming increasingly popular. First, English is the lingua franca of the globalized world. It is the language of business, academia, and international diplomacy.

English Corner 111

輔仁大學織品服裝學院雙語學習計畫-ENGLISH CORNER 111年度,參加英語角,精彩跟著來。FTEMI 輔仁大學織品服裝學院-雙語學習計畫,與你共創精彩體驗、並肩成長卓越。It's actually easier than you think, Don't be shy~ Don't hesitate~ Just speak up! 。

Fabric Room Tour

Have you ever considered the impact textiles have on the overall aesthetic of your home? We are all familiar with the term "room tour," which is a popular segment in many influencer’s videos, it's easy to get caught up in the visual appeal of a space without fully acknowledging the specific textiles that help create Home space with temperament.