Welcome to International Bilingual Office

We Are Here for YOU!
The International Bilingual Office was founded in November, 2021 to facilitate the English education for our students in College of Fashion & Textiles.
To help our young talents to thrive on international stages.




Our Permission / The Big Picture

Our Structure

Meet Our Staff

Professor. Zhaohua Ho

The Dean of the College of Fashion & Textiles

Eveline Bingaman

Assistant Professor, Fields of specialization: Anthropology

Meet Our Professors

Jia-Ci Jhang

Assistant Professor

Fields of specialty: Textile Engineering, Polymer Materials, Composite Material、Tissue Engineering

Hsin Kao

Associate Professor

Fields of specialty: International Marketing Management, Retail and Purchasing, International Business Management

uan-Lung Kao

Assistant Professor

Fields of Specialty: Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, Creative Thinking

Te-Hsing Ku

Associate Professor

Fields of Specialty: Functional Textiles, Fiber and Polymer Science, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing, Service Quality Management

Wang-Ting Yu

Assistant Professor

Fields of specialty: Cultural Studies and Reviews、Ethnic and Cultural Display、The Himalayas and Southwest China Regional Studies、Historical Anthropology、Social Relations and Home Social Studies

Wei-Hao Yang

Assistant Professor

Fields of Specialty: Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Marketing Research, Aesthetic Marketing

Hsiu-Ju Yang

Assistant Professor

Fields of Specialty: Taiwan Data Analysis, Statistics, Data Visualization, Market Survey