Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Fashion Design, Timmy’s collection is inspired by indigenous Taiwanese cultures. The design concept tries to reflect the square shape of traditional Austronesian tribes’ clothing in the silhouette. The form of the freedom of clothing makes the fabric interact with the body, and also symbolises the natural and unrestrained temperament of the indigenous Taiwanese peoples.


A Master’s student in the Department of Textiles and Clothing, Fu Jen Catholic University, majoring in fashion design. Chi-An is talented in using fashion dialogue to record the world he saw. The collection is inspired by human-centred cultures, exploring the dressing behaviour and the contradiction between the visual confusion caused by the mirror. His works convey the elegant aesthetics and the philosophy between the clothes and body, exploring the flattening effect of mirrors and transforming two-dimensional virtual visuals into three-dimensional physical reality.


Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Fashion Design, Chia-Lin’s works focus on personal experiences which are observations of human struggles with their roles in the social structure. The collection, “Captivity and Liberation”, is inspired by the conflicting aesthetics of 90s Surrealism, exploring through curtains, chains and black/white patterns. Chia-Lin believes that the bondages of the social framework are shackled everywhere in routine. This collection conveys the monotone colours into the bright souls.


Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Textile Design, Chao-Ruei is talented in presenting his reflections on the situation of society from the perspective of textiles. The collection,“The Deviation”, is inspired by the phenomenon of the information explosion: the perception of the same thing varies greatly between people. The silhouette is based on the structure of a hexahedron. The variety of textures of materials, such as glossy rayon and solid felted knits, convey the multi-wearing variability and the concept of deviation.