Design, Branding and Dialogue 設計、品牌與對話

Course ID: G0R6035956

Course Title: Design, Branding and Dialogue

Instructor Name: LIN, DON KUO-DUNG 林國棟

Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Tue./ D5-D6

Classroom: TC513

Course Objective:

Design, Branding and Dialogue” aims to cultivate students’ branding knowledge started from establishing design and innovation to branding and communications through storytelling marketing strategies. We will begin with an introduction of powerful brands since the twentieth, and study the prerequisite to good branding across sectors from service to consumer goods. This course is a studio class; assignments will be given throughout the course, with the latest approach in Design Research and Design Thinking, to uncover consumer wants and aspirations.

Course Outline:

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