What is a textile? and What are textiles?

What is a textile?

and What are textiles?

A textile is a material of spinning and weaving, which is the process of turning fibers into fabric. This includes raw materials (fibers), semi-finished products (yarns, fabrics) and final products (clothing, curtains and ropes). However, in the world of textiles, there is no absolute relationship between fiber and fabric. This means that textiles can be manufactured from non-fiber materials. For example, the raw material of electrospun film is polymer powder. Similarly, the final products of fibers are not necessarily fabrics. For example, fibers can be used as a reinforcing agent for polymer materials or foaming materials.

何謂紡織? ​

紡織的定義為紡紗或是織造,代表著從纖維材料到織物的加工過程,同時也包含過程中當中的原料(纖維)、半成品(紗線、織物)及產品(服裝、窗簾及防護服)。Textiles 的名詞定義則為紡織材料,是任何一種紡織製品的材料。 在紡織的世界中,纖維與織物的是沒有絕對關係的。即為紡織品的材料來源不一定是纖維材料,如靜電紡絲薄膜的原料是高分子粉末。而纖維的最終產品也不一定是紡織品。

Key Words:

  1. textile (n)紡織;(adj)紡織的
  2. fiber (n)纖維
  3. yarn (n)紗、紗線
  4. fabric (n)織物、布料
  5. electrospun film (n)靜電紡絲薄膜
  6. polymer (n)高分子
  7. reinforce (v)補強、增強
  8. foam (n)發泡


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