Reconstructing Late Qing Clothing – Seaming the Past | Episode 1 | Refashioning Culture

系列名稱:Refashioning Culture
影片名稱:Reconstructing Late Qing Clothing – Seaming the Past | Episode 1 

What did Chinese women wear in the 19th century, before the famed qipao/cheongsam came on to the scene? We attempt to recreate two late Qing (1860-1911) dynasty Han Chinese outfits based on genuine antiques in the Chinese Textiles and Clothing Culture Center (CTCCC). 
This video is the first in an ongoing video series about traditional Chinese clothing produced by the FJU College of Textiles of Clothing. Subscribe to never miss a new episode!

0:00 Introduction
1:52 Analysis of 1870s Dajinshan
3:40 Analysis of 1910s Dajinshan
5:00 Importance of reconstruction
6:33 Overview of Dajinshan in history
7:36 Scope of reconstruction project
9:47 Sourcing of materials
12:43 Making the duiling embellishment
15:30 Ribbon trim
16:16 Bias trim
17:27 Grand reveal
19:38 Conclusion: Thoughts on the project
For more info:
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This video series is made possible thanks to the funding provided by the Taiwan Ministry of Education’s Bilingual Learning Project.