The Luxury Sector and Luxury Brand Management 奢侈品品牌管理

Course ID: D480320745

Course Title: The Luxury Sector and Luxury Brand Management

Instructor Name: WANG,HUI-WEN/Jackie Wang 王慧雯

Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Mon./ D5-D6

Classroom: TC407

Course Objective:

1. Aim on developing luxury brand management skill and marketing expertise, build up branding know-how from brand management viewpoint. 2. Train students logical brand thoughts and approach luxury industry, they can learn about luxury brand management in detail from case study ,and will enable to get involve as when they are standing in the brand manager’s position and playing a role to master luxury brands. 3. Lead students rolling deep into industry via exercising luxury strategies, and scenario case studies, reflects to learning objectives. 4. Deep involvement in practical case study facilitate career planning and fasten future career path. 5. Final paper with presentation of luxury brand audit will enable career anchors as addressed in the orientation.

Course Outline: