New Business Model in Culture and Creative Economy 文化創意經濟的新型商業模式

Course ID: G0R6036400

Course Title: New Business Model in Culture and Creative Economy

Instructor Name: Jil Wu 吳滋懿

Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Tue./ D7-D8

Classroom: TC513

Course Objective:

Learning objectives
This course focuses on contemporary hot trends and brands, incorporating perspectives from events to observe the latest marketing models. It aims to bring students closer to the most authentic cultural and creative industry structures in the government, academia, and market. With the rapid progress of technology and the accelerating pace of industrial updates, the course engages students in discussions on practical cases, exploring the global industry landscape with a focus on the trend of integrating internet use. This approach helps students learn to grasp the pulse of the industry.

The course places emphasis on cultivating students’ global market and industry perspectives, inspiring innovative thinking, and building students’ confidence and team dynamics. Ultimately, it aims to equip students with knowledge that can be practically applied in both life and work.

The first class will be an introduction where you share your cultural background, hobbies, hometown, and aspirations.

Course Outline: