The Evolution of Western Fashion 西洋服飾文化

Course ID: D481234737

Course Title: The Evolution of Western Fashion

Instructor Name: 盧淑芬

Credit: 3

Course Type: Required

Session: Tue./ D5-D7

Classroom: TC109

Course Objective:

Under the guidance of technological development, the topic of “Western historic costume and textile” presents the creation of human through time, either from a micro perspective or in a macro view, how it changed according to different society, culture, politics, and economy, is also an issue that exists forever, a kind of scientific and humanistic interaction evolving a steady stream of entangled anthropological topics. This course aims to lead the students to think about the evolution of human needs for dressing, and the diversity phenomena shaped by the disruptive innovation of human desires on the supply chain, and discuss the issues of the evolution of social values in Western costume and textile history, such as: Democracy, feminism, sustainable environmental protection, etc., encourage the use illustration to note and interpret the development of Western costume and textile. To be able to face the challenge of creation, management, and marketing in the future, integrating dissent, using the most suitable plan to promote the greatest well-being of human society, and shaping the attitude of new life, this is an important main axis of this course.

Course Outline:

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