Special Topics on Fashion Consumer Psychology 時尚消費心理專題

Course ID: G0R6035952

Course Title: Special Topics on Fashion Consumer Psychology

Instructor Name: LIN, DON KUO-DUNG 林國棟

Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Mon./ D1-D2

Classroom: TC513

Course Objective:

This course aims at explaining the need to understand consumers in today’s competitive market, in their culturally diverse environments. This discipline has changed dramatically since the emergence of technology, but it still focuses on how to provide customer value, and on individuals’ decision making process. It is influenced by several aspects, on which brands can have an influence. Today’s fashion consumers can connect directly to their favourite brands and shops, and are more informed than ever. Through readings, methodology and case studies, participants will be able to learn research methodologies, understand consumers’ motivations and learning processes, and apply their know-how to an international fashion or luxury brand, in order to improve its competitiveness. The course is combined with a workshop by invited expert from industry who has abundant experience in the field of brand and fashion management.

Course Outline: https://outline.fju.edu.tw/#/outLineSearch/outlineView/703122/1028

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