Printing Design 印染設計

Course ID: D460305390

Course Title: Printing Design


Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Thr./ D5-D7

Classroom: TC505

Course Objective:

In this lab-based course, you will explore your creativity by developing two print projects. In the first project, you will design a large black and white pattern that will be repeated and printed with pigments on a 4-meter long linear fabric. The second project is similar in that the design will be large, then repeated and printed on a 4-meter long linear fabric, but this time you will be working with 3 colors, using reactive dyes. A Midterm exhibition with your prints will be tentatively set up as well. Students of all sections of the Department of Textiles and Clothing are welcome into this class.

Course Outline:

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