Special Topics on Luxury Brand Practices 精品品牌操作專題

Course ID: G0R6035950

Course Title: Special Topics on Luxury Brand Practices

Instructor Name: LIN, DON KUO-DUNG 林國棟

Credit: 2

Course Type: Elective

Session: Fri./D7-D8

Classroom: TC513

Course Objective: 

The course is combined with a workshop by an invited expert who works as an independent Brand Management consultant in fashion, luxury, and lifestyle, traveling all around the world.
Students will be divided into few small groups of three/four students each, and they will work on how a global Fashion brand defines its omnichannel marketing strategy coherently with its inner identity and personality. Starting from the specific brand identity the groups will be invited to design a very detailed and precise strategy to face the evolution of both digital and physical store experiences investigating some ideas that perfectly fit the DNA of each brand. A final project part will be related to how a possible omnichannel local strategy in Taiwan could be implemented to fulfill the customer experience in a more modern, rejuvenated, and engaging way.

Course Outline: https://outline.fju.edu.tw/#/outLineSearch/outlineView/700895/1028